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  Name : Amanda
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Dogsonline
Comments : We have a little sporting lucas terrier from UK very similar to a Norfolk -would love a little friend for Tucker ! Please let us know if we can go on your waitlist many thanks
Date : 5-Jul-23

  Name : Shayne Ryan
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Dog online
Comments : Lovely breed, interested in a little mate to love and show.
Date : 27-May-19

  Name : Kerrie
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google
Comments : I am hoping to get a norfolk, and you have been the nicest people that I have spoken to about these lovely little dogs...I
Date : 13-Apr-19

  Name : Pat
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Dogzonline
Comments : I get my Norfolk fix by looking at your website. We acquired our first Norfolk in the 80s - a Black and Tan called Nugget (Penfillan Black Trakka) and then his darling mother Mary 18mths later. Both lived to 16 and 17 years. Then in 2011 acquired 6 yr old Bronson (Old Iron Wombat Walkabout) but he had to be euthanised in 2015 and my heart is still broken. I would highly recommend these happy, loveable dogs to anyone looking for a pet.
Date : 21-Apr-17

  Name : Carole Biskar
Web Site :
Country : United States
How you found us : Google Search
Comments : Hello! I am also a Norfolk terrier breeder in Oregon and a member of the Norfolk Terrier Club of America. Your dogs are gorgeous! My husband and I lived in Australia, NSW in Cooma for one year several years ago. I may be coming to Australia in September 2016 to see some friends and would love to visit your kennel if possible. Please let me know - but until then -- I have enjoyed visiting your site
Date : 25-May-16

  Name : Ningzi
Web Site :
Country : Malaysia
How you found us : google
Comments : Hi, our family had a Norfie for 18years and really wish to get another one. Hope to hear from you soon!
Date : 13-Jan-16

  Name : Mark
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google
Comments : Had a Norfolk when I was 16 in the UK. His name was Nip. Very keen " ratter" ( we were farmers) . I'm 70 now so maybe I can get my youth back! We already have Wheatens in the family!
Date : 25-Jul-14

  Name : linda knorr
Web Site : http://n/a
Country : australia
How you found us :
Comments : 30/183 bilga cres.,malabar,nsw,2036. My darling AUST.CHP. Mazberg Lilibette's maternal nana= Jotruba Gypsy Flame,& Lilibet's mate=Jotruba Rocki mountain Hi-?photos avail. pls.?
Date : 18-May-13

  Name : Wayne
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Dogzonline research
Comments : Thanks Liz for being so patient answering all my questions. I have completely fallen for your little guys and hope that I would be considered a suitable adoptee when you next have a litter of pups available.
Date : 9-Jun-12

  Name : kylie Groen
Web Site :
Country : australia
How you found us : have one of your pups
Comments : Hello Liz Can you please fwd me your email address as I need to email you about Bonny aka Cash Break the Bank but do not want to go on public guest book. Thanks Kylie and Family
Date : 3-Mar-12

  Name : Jane Anderson
Web Site :
Country : USA
How you found us :
Comments : Hi: Think about all the nice people in the breed and try not to dwell on the not-so-nice. Would love a little man to co-habitate with Biscuit, our Frauke bitch. She is getting on as sad as it is, but still plenty of spunk to keep the Labs in their places. Love to hear from you thou a imagine your very busy with judging and all. Coming this way anytime soon? Jane
Date : 22-Jul-11

  Name : Trish
Web Site :
Country : Sydney
How you found us :
Comments : It was great to meet you and your 'baby'! I am ruined you know! It will have to be a Norfolk Terrier or nothing:) can still see his cute little face. Sometime in the future unfortunately for us! A lovely pet one day. You were very kind to bring him to Sydney for us to meet a real live NT! Have told my friends all about him. Kind regards, Trish & John
Date : 22-Jul-11

  Name : Trisha
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : google research
Comments : Hello, I have been looking long for a dog that would suit us and that we can include in our family.... and I think I have at last fallen head over heels for Norfolk Terriers. We had two standard fox terriers until a few years ago who lived to 15. I would love to be able to visit your kennel and to perhaps put our name down for a puppy when they become available. I have never seen a NT in the flesh so it would be wonderful to meet one! We are not in a rush so taking time and waiting is all ok. Thank you very much for your lovely pictures. Trisha
Date : 1-Jun-11

  Name : Debra Sheddan
Web Site :
Country : NZ
How you found us : dol
Comments : Hi Liz I've seen Becky - she's just lovely. Will be in touch! All the best, Debra
Date : 10-May-11

  Name : Linda Evans
Web Site :
Country : New Zealand
How you found us : Through friend
Comments : I'm in love what lovely wee dogs wounder how my Griffs would like a new friend.:0)
Date : 8-May-11

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